Drone pilots have a lot to learn when it comes to where and when they can fly, and that’s been hammered home again today as CASA find a drone pilot $540 for flying over Sydney Harbour.

The initial pilots brochure you get when buying a drone doesn’t really go into this level of detail, and hopefully CASA’s own app this year will help, but what matters is the flight within restricted airspace.

Sydney Harbour, and almost all surrounding areas – including Middle Harbour, White Bay, Rose Bay and the Parramatta River up to Ryde are all part of a restricted airspace due to the large number of helicopters and seaplanes that fly there.

Only qualified and licenced drone pilots, with specific permission per flight from CASA can fly in this space.


Yet another warning folks, CASA are watching, and you’ve got to know the rules – and learn them – over and above a simple brochure.