DJI are never short of a product idea – from a company with one consumer drone just a few years ago they now have a range spanning specifications and price, and their latest product is aimed at the selfie fan or those just looking for a great new shot.

The DJI Spark is a small handheld drone that requires no separate controller, all the work is done on your smartphone.

With a 16 minute flight time it’s going to get you some amazing holiday shots of the coastline, the beach or your group selfie.

Aussie price: $859.  Ouch.  You can get their standard Phantom 3 for that same price, but in fact, the Spark has more tech on board, like obstacle avoidance and image recognition.

Using smarts onboard, you can give a signal to snap a photo and it will, and it can take off right from the palm of your hand.

I have no doubt in the quality of the images, DJI offer great quality photo and video from their drones – and they’ll be miles above any other “selfie drone” on the market.  The issue is it’s also double or triple those “selfie drones” so it’s a tough market.

DJI need to focus on their quality and flight experience, this will be the easiest and best quality mini drone out there – but be warned it’s only a 2-axis gimbal so the videos you take won’t be as amazing as the Phantom drone quality.

Estimated shipping date is mid-June, so get in fast if you want one early.

Web: DJI