RODE’s gone colourful with a fresh twist on the iconic NT1 studio mic! Say G’day to the NT1 Signature Series. Keeping the classic studio vibes alive, this mic packs a punch with the same solid specs that made its predecessors a hit. Now with a vibrant makeover, it’s rocking limited-edition colours – red to blue, pick one that screams you or matches your Streaming or Studio setup!

The NT1 Signature Series isn’t just another mic – it’s a statement. Building on a legacy of 30 years and over 6 million units sold, this series isn’t just resting on past laurels; it’s setting a new bar for studio mics.

Also available in a series of limited-edition colours, the NT1 isn’t just about sound anymore – it’s about style. Whether you’re laying down tracks or streaming to the masses, your mic can finally match your mood or studio theme. Choose from a palette that includes everything from a passionate red to a cool blue, and stand out from the sea of standard mics.

This mic is carrying on the tradition of the NT1’s warm, detailed sound that’s been a hit with everyone from bedroom musicians to pro studio mixers. With RODE’s precision-engineered HF6 capsule, you’re looking at consistent quality across the board. That means your vocals sit perfectly in the mix, warm and present, and your instruments sing with clarity.

The NT1 Signature Series isn’t just easy on the ears; it’s also a dream for creators who love clean audio. With the world’s lowest noise level for a studio condenser mic, you can record the quietest of whispers without the hiss. And for the loud stuff? This mic can handle high-pressure levels without breaking a sweat.

RODE’s not skimping on the extras either. Each NT1 Signature Series mic comes with a studio-grade shock mount, a pop filter to keep those plosives at bay, and a premium XLR cable to hook you up right out of the box. Made with RODE’s renowned build quality in their Sydney facilities, this mic is robust, ready for the long haul, and backed by a 10-year warranty.

Whether you’re a podcaster, musician, streamer, or any kind of content creator, the NT1 Signature Series is designed to be your new studio workhorse – with a dash of flair. And at US $159, it’s priced to be a centerpiece in studios of all sizes.

So, are you ready to upgrade your audio and add a splash of colour to your recordings? Keep an eye out, the NT1 Signature Series is here to shake things up!

Aussie Retail price is $299

Grab one and make your studio setup pop!