With winter setting in, those colder nights are going to be well improved with a big bowl of steaming hot soup. While for most of us this means some prep, some cooking, some blending and serving – the latest from Kambrook is combining two of those steps.

Named the Soup 2 Simple Soup Maker, there isn’t much more to explain really. You basically chop the ingredients you’re wanting in your soup, add it all into the machine, decide whether you want your soup chunky or smooth and hit go.

After 30 minutes or so your soup is cooked, blended or chopped and ready to be served. The contents of the container are 1.5L or what Kambrook is saying as enough to serve four. The Soup 2 Simple Soup Maker might seem like a one stop product, it actually can be used as just a blender, without the heating, this is handy if you’re looking to replace your blender and add a great way to cook soup!

Priced at $129 RRP and with a bunch of recipes tailored for the machine, the Soup 2 Simple Soup Maker is ready to uplift your winter.