A new activation process is about to come into place with DJI drones getting a new firmware update that will require activation before advanced flights can take place.

Taking effect at the end of the week, the new step in the process of flight will require you have registered and activated your aircraft – even if you’ve done it before – to get access to all flight areas.

Those existing pilots will need to log in once you update the app, or firmware, and if you fail to do so there will be a 50 meter flight radius limitation with a 30 meter height limit – there will also be live streaming and camera limitations for unregistered users.

DJI has a detailed set of geospatial information in a database yet they are at pains to point out all existing flight safety limitations will remain the same as they have to date.

These new steps will not only ensure cowboy owners can’t just fly into illegal areas, but will make tracking of aircraft possible also if needed.

So, when you’re asked to login for your next flight – that’s why!

Web: DJI