Late last year Vodafone Australia signalled their intention to launch fixed-line broadband services in 2017 using the NBN, today, they opened expressions of interest to consumers ahead of that national launch.

The idea is simple – gather the names of as many interested people as possible, and not only determine where the demand is highest, but use those people to help build the final retail product.

Vodafone’s General Manager of Fixed Matthew Lobb says the launch will come by the end of 2017 “We want to make sure our customers have the freedom and choice to stay connected the way they want – at home, at work or on the go,” said Mr Lobb.

“Australians will soon be able to interchangeably use their mobile and fixed broadband to stream music and video, send messages, make purchases, or grow their business.

“It’s always Vodafone’s desire to push the status quo when looking at new ways to meet customer needs, and the launch of fixed broadband services will be no different.”

Vodafone will be looking to leverage their 5.5million mobile phone customers to grow their NBN business, and key to that will be one thing – price.

Speaking to me last year on my radio show Talking Technology, Vodafone CEO Iñaki Berroeta make a very simple point – those companies who have been offering fixed home broadband for years, have existing customers and plans – and profit margins they need to protect.

Mr Berroeta said “We don’t have a legacy product that we need to protect, for us this is new territory” going on to say that not only do existing companies have to keep their new NBN plans on a price plan similar to their ADSL or other plans, they have an expectation of profit levels too “they want to protect their margins, and that is a challenge for them”

This is a clear signal that Vodafone is looking to set a price difference to stand out. Something others have also done when they have no legacy business to protect. MyRepublic is an example – for $60 a month you can get the 100/40 NBN speeds with unlimited data – that same speed and data allowance would be $40 more on almost any other carrier.

It’s safe to say that by the end of 2017 – home broadband pricing will be more competitive than ever before.

Those wishing to register their interest (no commitment required) in Vodafone’s NBN plans can visit their website.