McDonald’s chip fork is awesome, and useless at the same time

This may be the best case of only in America we’ve ever seen, but you’ve got to look behind the headlines and realise the McDonald’s fork is actually a complete piss-take created to draw attention to a new menu range in their American restaurants.

It’s genius really. Launching a few new burgers won’t get a lot of media attention – but create a plastic device that you can insert three french fries into to create a fork – and the world will talk.

Their new “Signature Crafted” range is a bit messy – the sauces and fillings that is, Guacamole on a burger is going to spill out – so their idea is to create the FRORK and show people cleaning up their messy burger with some fries.

Still – even though it’s a gimmick, even though it’s not available in Australia – I want one. Really.

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1 Comment

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