Sure, Geoff has his fancy socks, delivered regularly to get the attention of people who care what’s covering your ankles – but you know what gets more attention? Your watch – and most people don’t have many watches to choose from, so what better thing to do than join the Wrist Society and get a new one every month!

Jason – one of the sound gurus at Channel 9 noticed something about me when I popped in for my segments time after time on The Today Show: I had a few different watches.  I’ve reviewed a few in my time, and have a few others in my collection, so when he told me he receives a new watch every month in the mail my interest was peaked!

He invited me to join what to me until then was a secret society – the Wrist Society.  The concept is rather simple.  For a monthly fee, you get a new watch in the post.

I paid up front – $503 US dollars, with transaction fees it was $677.27 for the year – paid in advance that works out as $56.43 per month.

Today, the entry price is $29 paid monthly, or $335 if paid twelve months in advance.  That gives you a watch per month, the higher subscription – which I took, gets you the same, but with an extra bracelet each month, plus the opportunity to vote on each month’s watch choice.

The first watch arrived and it was great just to get something different!

These are not known brands, they are not outstanding quality, but they all look different.

Of the six or so I’ve received thus far it’s a fair mix of style, sport and dress watches.

Unless you already own the tools, you’re going to spend money getting each watch adjusted, so I’d recommend hitting eBay for a watch repair kit which will also allow you to make your own adjustments.

Overall, I’m really happy.  Spending a touch over $50 a month to get a while bunch of new watches is outstanding.  I’m not much of a fashionista – so the choice of watch is really the only fancy thing I choose to do, or matching and dressing up or down I do.

Love it, will be renewing when my time comes, and recommend it over and above a sock subscription:)

Join now – Hit the link to Wrist Society