Bluetooth speakers are flooding the market, they can cost anything from $30 to $1000. Some require mains power and some will run on a built-in battery. One of the favourites at EFTM, the Logitech UE Boom does a good job at portability and sound quality. It now has a very strong competitor.

Meet the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker. The Revolve range comes in two sizes and as the “plus” indicates, this is the larger of the two. The Revolve+ is built with 360 sound in mind, it isn’t ideally left in the corner of the room, it demands to be the centre of attention. Sound will boom in all directions. Speaking of “boom”, the Revolve+ has one thing which many other speaker don’t; a deep, firm sound range. Playing a variety of music through the Revolve+ provided impressive results and performed really well at low volumes during the work day and higher volumes once the sun sets.

With the battery onboard we loved grabbing the handle and taking our music anywhere. The sound quality isn’t impacted by the fact it is running on battery and it’ll play your tracks for almost 16 hours before begging for the power point.

The build quality of the Revolve+ matches the sound, a beautiful steel wrapping with hundreds of small holes to let the music fill the room and a more durable rubber top and bottom for those times you’ll knock it about. On top of the Revolve+ you’ll find the controls, they’re simple, and you will also be impressed to see that this speaker can be used for phone calls, so gather round. A multi-function button sits between the volume controls to summon Siri or Google Now, handy for the almost Apple HomePod experience. For those who don’t want to use bluetooth, this is sorted with a 3.5mm input.

It is a difficult speaker to fault in a market where companies are good at being portable or providing good quality sound, rarely both. The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker provides the high end quality we expect from the brand but doesn’t restrict our enjoyment to a room like Sonos. The price of the Revolve+ is potentially the only downside at $439 however this is not seen as a negative once you experience it for yourself. For those looking to save some money the smaller Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker retails for $299.