Sitting down with Bloomberg at WWDC in San Jose last week, Tim Cook opened up about a topic that until now has been a closely guarded secret – Apple Car.

But it’s now more clear than ever that Apple is not looking to build its own cars, instead looking at software that will power the future of mobility.

Cook told Bloomberg that there were “Three vectors of change, happening at generally the same timeframe” referring to the self-driving car revolution, electric cars and ride sharing.

Speaking about electric cars, Cook described it in glowing terms “if you’ve driven an all electric car, it’s actually a marvellous experience.  It’s a marvellous experience not to stop at the filling station or the gas station” 

So what is Apple working on?  Cook confirmed they are “focussing on autonomous systems” describing automation – though not specifically referring to self-driving cars as  “the mother of all AI projects”.

He also said “Its a core technology that we view as very important”.

Let the speculation begin.  My biggest question is what electric car is Tim Cook driving?