As a child I remember the days when you were so sick that you’d be woken in the middle of the night to get your temperature checked, told it was really bad, and then went back to sleep. The disruption, the temperature gauge under the tongue, or armpit etc was all a hassle. The mum or dad also had to get out of bed to carry out the whole procession and no one really wins. Parenting.

At CES Asia, we’ve found a way around all of this. A company called Vivalnk has a little gadget that takes all of those issues away. Firstly, no more waking up to have the temperature read. The Fever Scout sticks to your skin and can stay on. It’s breathable so it won’t cause sweating and fall off, and it’s also small so it won’t be noticed.

Secondly, the parents can stay in bed and keep an eye on the temperature. The Fever Scout has bluetooth which means that the temperature data is sent to your phone wirelessly, allows you to maintain a log of the temperature checks and can also alarm you when your attention should be required. Data can also be shared between both parents and the battery lasts for two years. The “stick” of the product is removable after each use and can be reapplied with ease so this isn’t a single use product.

The Fever Scout sells for $60 USD and is available now.

Vivalnk website here