At CES in Las Vegas we discovered the autonomous luggage. This same company has chosen CES Asia to launch their new form of autonomous baggage carrier, but this time the baggage is they baby.

Yes, the autonomous stroller has arrived.

In discussions with Cowa about this pram today the problem they were trying to solve was the times when you need to carry your baby yet normally need one hand to still push the pram, assuming the kid isn’t keen to go back in. To solve this issue of pushing an empty pram and carrying the baby, Cowa are setting up this model to just follow you.

The Cowa Stroller connects to your smartphone and stays in close proximity to it. You could be pushing a trolley of groceries and your pram, carrying your child, is following close behind. How handy.

The stoller also has GPS so if there is a chance that you somehow lose your pram, you’ll be able to pinpoint it with your smartphone. The stroller carries a decent size battery allowing Cowa to also add USB ports for charging your phone, or the childs iPad.

The battery sits on the rear axle and drives the small motor on the wheel

Impressively, like their luggage product, the Cowa stroller also manages climbs and descents really well, it doesn’t speed up flying past you, it can slow and speed up as necessary.

The Cowa Stroller is “coming soon” so no price or availability date as yet. Once we know, we will be sure to let you know when your child can ride autonomously.

Cowa website here