Firstly, hit this link and come straight back to continue reading. That sound takes us straight back to Italy, the type of song you would hear in a cafe there, in Milan even. We paired this tune with a coffee we haven’t tasted in years. The moment was lovely.

Many years ago Nespresso ran a limited edition release of three Italian varieties in their capsule range. Milano was one of them and we’ve missed it ever since. The 2017 release of Milano is fantastic to see and the taste, well, it’s great to see it return.

Nespresso describe the Milano as “a delightful balance between fine fruity aromas and a sweet cereal note.” We just think it tastes like good coffee, a smooth blend which works wonderfully straight, black and strong.

The intensity rating from Nespresso is 9, the Milano is made from a blend of Arabicas from South and Central America and is reinforced with a Guatemalan Robusta. The Milano is available for order now, again in a limited run, for 93 cents each. Enjoy the rest of that song…