You don’t need to be an NBA fan to have heard of Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks and the insane performances he has been putting in. Linsanity has stretched so far that even the SMH has covered it. And now Nike has saved it in an awesome shoe.
Forget about Jeremy Lin and who he is. Just look at these awesome kicks. The Nike Air Force 1 QS Jeremy Lin Edition use the classic chambray panelling, feature Lin tongues, have the initials ‘JL’ embroidered on the back of the shoes and come in an awesome blue and orange, which unsurprisingly are the colours of the New York Knicks.

They are pretty sweet looking shoes. Now add in who Jeremy Lin is and you have a pretty great collectors pair of shoes. Lin shot to fame when coach Mike D’Antoni chucked him from the bench and into a game in desperation. The Knicks, on a losing streak and and with stars Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire missing games with injury and personal issues, suddenly went on a winning run with Lin as the centre of attention. Having only played 55 minutes in 23 games, Lin took the Knicks by the throat and led them to win after win, capped off by an amazing three point shot on the buzzer against the Toronto Raptors which ended up winning them the match. And so the tag “Linsanity” was born.

So that, paired with the fact that these shoes look pretty damn sweet, is the reason you need to grab a set, especially if you’re a collector. The shoes will be released in the States in June, so get those wallets ready and the browsers pointed at a good American sneaker store.

Price: $TBC
Web: Nike