Escalator, Spanish for “moving staircase”, is also a hygiene nightmare. Here we have a staircase that moves on it’s own, you’re meant to stand as it takes you up or down and to do so safely we tell our kids to hold onto the handrail. Many don’t follow this advice and the list of injuries grows.

Clearwin and LG have come together to create a product that could have us confidently holding onto the handrails again without digging into some hand sanitiser right after.

A smart little product that clamps onto each side of the moving handrail, this product uses brushes and powerful UV sterilisation to kill bacteria and remove any particles on the handrail before you grab hold.

Good for 10,000 hours before needing maintenance, this will see the end of the cleaner needing to wipe it all down each evening. The little box does not require power either, it is self powered, likely from the movement from the handrail so there is really not much to this nifty product.

Already being seen in various locations such the airport in Taiwan, the Clearwin/LG innovation is a product we’d love to see at all major shopping locations.