Starting the day with coffee is a typical human tradition. A poorly made coffee is bad, spilling your coffee is the worst though. If you talk with your hands at all then you’ve likely knocked over a vase, a coffee, a wine glass or even a person.

A smart company named Mighty Mug has released a few products that are here to save your morning coffee and almost everything else along the way. We’ve been testing the Mighty Mug Mini and the Mighty Mug Wine Stems to see what the fuss is all about.

Using some subtle suction cups at the bottom of both of these products the mug and wine stem hold onto the surface of your table whenever it is knocked. However, if you lift the product, it has zero resistance. It’s almost bizarre to witness, you can knock it rather hard and it wont budge. If you lift it without any force, it follows along. The products aren’t heavier than other portable coffee mugs either, they just use magic to hold on and save your beverage. Hit it really hard and sure it will fall over but it seriously puts up a fight.

The Mighty Mug coffee products are double walled, dishwasher safe and in the size we tested sold for less than $20. The wine version sells for $30 in a set of two and also has a lid with a small mouth opening. In terms of stability the coffee products hold their ground a lot better when knocked compared to the wine versions, but the lid saves the day in many cases. We recommend the wine products for boating, picnic etc, mainly because the looks aren’t going to win prizes next to a lovely wine glass in the home.


Beer drinkers, whisky lovers and almost any other beverage is covered by Mighty Mug with their large range of products so pick your beverage and the product to match. It’s a genius way to save your drink from ending up on the floor. With Mighty Mug, you’ll never cry over spilt milk again.