You’re using disposable or refillable razors, and when they’re done, they’re in the bin. But you’re also aware of the need to be green, so how on earth does that work?

Well, now, thanks to P&G’s brands Gillette and Venus, you can send your razors off for recycling.

It’s a free program in partnership with TerraCycle for all brands of razors and their packaging.

No matter what blade you’re using, you can login, get a return label and place your used razors in any cardboard box, and ship them away.

Razors normally end up in landfill because they are difficult to separate and sort out.

Plus, for every razor you recycle, you can earn money for your local school, sports club or charity of your choice.

Procter & Gamble’s Claudia Manuel, said the company was proud of this new sustainability initiative “At P&G, our ambition is to be a force for good and that includes offering consumers more sustainable solutions. We are thrilled to partner with TerraCycle on this initiative to make all brands of razors and packaging – not just our Gillette and Venus products – recyclable in Australia for the first time.”

Jean Bailliard from TerraCycle Australia expects this to be one of their most popular recycling programs yet “We expect there are many Australians who will be very keen to start collecting and returning their razor blades and packaging so they can be recycled, rather than placing them in landfill.

“Later in the year once normal routines commence, we will also be encouraging community participation through sports clubs, gyms and our existing community networks to increase the volume of collections even further,” he said.

For more info or to join, head to the Terracycle website.