Lots of people love technology, not many get to enjoy it as much as we do and get to see the amazing things tech companies come up with at the big shows each year. So we thought to ourselves – why don’t we search for Australia’s Next Tech Blogger?

Setting up a blog from scratch in this game is easy. But getting content is a whole other problem, and don’t even think you’re going to get an invite from the big companies to attend CES on their ticket – you’ve gotta earn that.

So the best way in? Join an existing team.  But you’re not going to give up your day-job just to get a trip to Vegas, so we thought of the next best thing – join us – be part of the EFTM crew at CES 2018 as Australia’s Next Tech Blogger.

The good folk at Belkin loved the idea, and jumped on board to support our search and help us bring one lucky person to Vegas.

Over a month we received a huge number of entries, some didn’t quite get the idea, some were a bit over-keen.  From those with excellent and legitimate entries we picked three finalists.  Guy, Josh and Rob.

Last night we put them through a challenge – in a two hour period we threw at them a few story ideas, and leads, to see what they would come up with.  Frankly, I assumed it would break at least one of them.

It didn’t.  All three got through it in two hours or less, and presented some awesome articles.

The EFTM crew assembled in our What’sApp group to discuss the entries, and there was a common theme.  We had a winner.

Our decision was tough, pros and cons, work to be done here or there, but there was one set of entries that felt like they were written by one of the team.  Spelling mistakes and all:)  The tone of voice, layout and general format was spot on.

Rob Michael lives in Goulburn, in regional NSW with his wife and two young boys who love their footy and cricket.  He should be a good driver because that’s going to be part of the job – someone has to get to In N Out burger for my lunch right?

Congrats Rob, we look forward to a week or so of fun and loads of amazing tech.  To Josh, Guy and all the other entrants, we’re grateful for the time and effort that went into it, and sorry there can be only one winner!

Vegas here we come!