I’ve used a fair few digital pens over the years, all with the promise of digitising your notes.  Good stuff, but hasn’t really caught on. So today, playing with the Rocketbook Wave I was blown away buy what is a low-tech but outstanding solution to a range of problems – and it’s just $45!

Let me tell you what that $45 gets you.

  • A paper notebook, in Standard or Executive size
  • A pen

Sounds a bit underwhelming?  Hell no.

The pen can work on any paper, and if you want you could use any pen on the notebook.  BUT, if you want the magic, you use them together.

Because the pen is a PILOT Frixion Erasable pen, you can write notes, and use the pen to erase them (there’s an eraser at the end, and despite being ink, its erasable).  You can get those at Officeworks though right?

So, when you use the pen in the Rocketbook Wave, you can write on every single page, then put the notepad in the microwave and erase every single thing.

You read that right. Place it in the microwave, put a cuppa of water on top, and hit go.

Around 2.5 minutes later the small rocket logo on the cover is gone.  Flip it over and give it another short burst, and when you take it out – not only is the notebook hot, its empty. No writing is left on the pages.

Honestly, it’s like a brand new notebook again.

Magic right?

Wait a minute.

Now install the Rocketbook app.  Setup your dropbox account, cloud accounts or slack accounts and there are actually shortcuts on each page of the book you can assign to these services.

Hold the app up to your page, and click scan, it recognises the text, straightens it into a standard page, and if you’ve set it to auto upload, will send that page as an image or PDF directly to the cloud service you nominated.

I wrote some notes, scanned them, and they were on my PC in my dropbox within seconds.  Stunning.

There’s no handwriting to text conversion, this is just like having our notebook scanned page by page, but you’re doing it on your phone.

The cloud uploads are a breeze and all of this comes at just $45.  Amazing.

Be careful though, use a normal pen and that ink is there forever.

Web: Buy Rocketbook