The Kobo Plus subscription, which already offers more than 1.5 million eBooks to subscribers, has been expanded to give subscribers access to more than 150,000 Kobo Audiobooks.

Kobo had already expanded their all-you-can-read subscription since it was introduced two years ago and now with a small fee users can experience unlimited reading and listening.

While Kobo do make some great eReaders (they are my preference) you don’t need to use a Kobo eReader to enjoy Kobo Plus. Kobo Plus can also be accessed using the Kobo Books App on both iOS and Android. For those with a Kobo eReader, check your compatibility before commencing any subscription because some older ones are not fully compatible.

To add the audiobooks to the all-you-can-read subscription is only $3 and considering the read-only and the listen-only subscriptions are each $13.99 each separately that is great value.

Kobo Plus Subscription Monthly Pricing 

  • Read-only AUD$13.99 p/m
  • Listen-only AUD$13.99 p/m
  • BOTH Listen+Read  AUD$16.99 p/m (savings of $10.99)
  • New subscribers get a 30-day free trial

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