The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) have again issued a warning to drone owners and pilots to fly within the rules and put safety first as they issue another three fines to pilots for breaching the drone safety rules.

In three separate incidents the rules were breached, resulting in fines from $900 to $1440 to the pilots.

In Canberra a drone was flown over a group of children who were taking part in an Easter egg hunt, and because of the height of the drone flight it was determined it would not have been able to clear the area if it malfunctioned, putting the children at risk.  That pilot was fined $900.

In Sydney another pilot was fined a staggering $1440 for flying over Sydney Harbour.  The fine was hefty due to the double-barrelled nature of the infringement – flying within 30 meters of people, and flying in restricted airspace.

Guests at a wedding enjoyed the drone photography of a pilot earlier this year, but the flight was deemed in breach of the rules by CASA and the pilot fined $900.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Shane Carmody, said fines will continue to be issued where people break the drone safety rules; “The rules protect people, property and aircraft from drones, If you fly a drone it is your responsibility to fly by the rules and stay safe at all times”

There’s no excuse for not knowing the restricted areas as they are clearly marked in CASA’s “Can I Fly There” app, while the rules about distance and public safety are explained on the CASA website and widely distributed when you purchase a drone.