Despite the taxi industry not realising it, one of the reasons for the success of taxi booking apps like Uber is the ability to rate both drivers and passengers to ensure a quality experience.

Aussie taxi app Ingogo has taken that feature and expanded it to make it very clear you’re setting a list of favourites with the drivers you like.

Uber’s star rating gives preference to both drivers and passengers if they have a higher rating.  Drivers with Higher ratings get more jobs, passengers with higher ratings get priority when booking.

Ingogo has introduced a simple thumbs up and thumbs down to give passengers a simple choice for each ride.

Adding a thumbs up will put a driver into your “favourites” list, which means any drivers in your list get offered future jobs exclusively before the wider Ingogo taxi community see it.

A thumbs down will affect the driver’s overall rating and you’ll be encouraged to give more details.



This gives drivers an incentive to provide a great service, on the hope they might be added as a favourite and automatically get a chance at future jobs.

These updates are available now on Ingogo, as well as a bunch of new features in the back end to improve the service, including improved trip allocation and new customer support services.

All good stuff from the Aussie up-start taking on the world’s biggest taxi-app:)