I honestly can’t remember the last time I had to jump-start a car. I’m tipping it was around the year 2000 when my 10-year-old Audi 90 was the bane of my existence. Of course, pulling out the jumper leads is one thing but harassing the neighbour constantly to provide another car was just embarrassing. Well now you can charge that dead battery in seconds without the need to call in the cavalry. A product from Cygnett called ChargeUp Auto 12000 is just the thing you may well need this coming Father’s Day.

What Is It?

The ChargeUp Auto 12,000mAh is a 12V jump-starter and power pack that’s able to start petrol vehicles up to 5.0L or 2.5L for diesel. That of course rules out many of our Aussie branded V8’s but it does cover a very wide spectrum of vehicles.

Put simply this is like one of those mobile phone power banks that you can plug jumper leads into. It’s a straight forward process, connect the red clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal and the black to the negative (-). Once hooked up you press the power button and touch wood you have a successful jump-start seconds later.

A control module has a range of LED lights to let you know about various problems. For example, a red light and buzzer indicates you haven’t connected properly. A green light and buzzer means the car battery is critically low, but a boost button is built in to give it a stronger shock.

But the ChargeUp Auto is more than a personal jump-starter. It’s also able to recharge USB devices or 12V portable accessories such as tire inflators or camp fridges.

What’s in The Box

The Charge Up Auto 12,000mAh comes in a plastic carry case that neatly tucks away the jump-start 12,000mAh device, clamps with solid copper jaws with ultra-safe relay, 12V female socket, micro USB cable, wall charger and car charger. There’s even a built in LED torch that can be strobed if you’re trying to signal someone.

Should I buy one?

This is a great product especially because of its versatility. The battery holds 20 x jump starts per charge, can perform six full iPhone 6 charges and be recharged after just three to four hours via the wall plug. The included manual states the ChargeUp Auto will last between three to four years and hold a full charge between six and twelve months. At $199.95 it’s a worthy investment for the campsite, garage or anywhere you simply need to keep all your devices let alone the car going. Check it out at www.cygnett.com