With summer just around the corner we’ll all start venturing outside soon to make the most of that warm weather. With friends around you’ll be looking to do a few things such as play music from your phone, keep it charged and have a drink. OZEPOD is a new product looking to combine all of these into one device.

The OZEPOD is a small esky sized device which can hold two drinks covered and away from the sun, it can charge two phones thanks to two USB posts, it is water resistant, it has a bluetooth speaker, a large battery capable of powering music for two days and it also has a small solar panel to extend that party a little longer.

The water resistance extends to the controls for volume, LED lights on board keep the OZEPOD easy to find, the 50 hour battery life will keep you phone recharged and the music going for your own mini music festival and the OZEPOD doesn’t have to live on the floor.

The OZEPOD was also designed to keep out of the way so that your drink won’t be knocked over. The Australian designed product also comes with a fence post mount so that it can sit on top of your pool fence at a greater height and away from your dogs.

With the OZEPOD still in the campaign and fund stage on Kickstarter, the product has a long way to go. If the goal of $380,000 is achieved then people could expect to receive their $160 OZEPOD in December.