The tablet market would safely be dominated by the iPad still, the laptop market is still mostly dominated by Windows based computers. Many people own both, a tablet is very different to a laptop in form but also in function. Generally, an iPad is a consumption device and a laptop is a creation device. For the last few years we’ve seen many try to do one device for both functions and thanks to newer versions of Windows, this is starting to take shape. Today, it has taken shape in the HP Spectre x2.

To start off, the HP Spectre x2 is not the price of an iPad, it also isn’t the price of an iPad and a laptop. It’s almost the same price as buying both items individually. So keep that in mind as we go on, this is a $2,199 device.

The HP Spectre x2 is a thing of beauty. The product sits in a premium category of hybrid laptops. From the unboxing to turning it on the first time, it’s all a wonderful premium experience. The Spectre x2 comes with the detachable keyboard and touchpad as well as the pen. The styling of the device is truly a standout. The colour is called dark ash silver yet there is some lovely gold plating for the kick stand. The Bang & Olufsen branding is immediately noticeable and we can’t wait to hear it.

The keyboard magnetically attaches to the tablet component and instantly accepts input from the trackpad and keys. The keyboard can lift slightly to angle and when closed will also protect the tablet screen. The keyboard is fully featured and the keys click like a laptop. We preferred using the keyboard flat on a surface rather than on our laps due to the overall space required when you include the kickstand required to keep the screen upright. The keyboard cover has a handy loop for holding the included pen, it’s just a nice way of ensuring you don’t lose it.

The tablet has two USB-C ports and none of the older style ports, be prepared to carry the dongle for this so you aren’t stuck if you need to connect a USB drive, mouse, printer, etc

The Spectre x2 which we are testing runs an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This is exactly the specs of a fully equipped laptop, something with the power to actually handle your day to day activities without a fuss. Windows 10 looks lovely on this vibrant and detailed 12 inch 3000×2000 pixel screen and HP have not flooded it with bloatware so the experience is pleasant. We quickly install Stan from the app store and watch some episodes of Power to appreciate the screen and speakers. Both are impressive. We also then begin to notice the battery life. The Spectre x2 has the battery life of a laptop, around 4-5 hours seems to be what we averaged most of the time.

The Spectre x2 also has a camera on the front of rear, handy for taking photos of a whiteboard in a meeting or Skype meetings on the front camera. Weighing 1.1kg you’ll be happy to carry this device rather than a laptop and an iPad. The Spectre x2 does not have a 4G slot onboard so you will be requiring a wifi network to jump online, this could come from your smartphone while you’re out and about.

The HP Spectre x2 is the most beautiful hybrid laptop I’ve ever tested, the styling is too sexy for me. It belongs in the hands of designers, interior decorators, creative types, people who want style and function in that order. None of the issues we had with the device would be considered deal breakers once you look past the price. It is an all in one, it is beautiful and it is very capable.