For the super active, the fit, the competitive and those who need to be ready for whatever sport throws at them, Under Armour is bringing a sleep and recovery system to Australia.

And… it’s sleepwear.

Not a cream, or shake, or powder, Under Armour has announced the availability of Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. The top and bottom don’t look too dissimilar to regular fitness clothing but it is the technology in the fibres that make the difference.

Developed in collaboration with Under Armour athlete and all-star American Football quarterback, Tom Brady, the Athlete Recovery Sleepwear features advanced bioceramic technology to help the body recover faster while promoting better sleep. To enhance sleep optimisation, athletes are encouraged to use UA Record app’s Sleep Recovery System, which provides deep understanding into an athlete’s sleep schedule through tracking, detailed analysis and custom coaching.

A pattern in the clothing is where the bioceramic technology comes into play. The pattern includes special bioceramic particles that absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back Far Infrared, helping the body recover faster while promoting better sleep.

Perhaps giving away his secret Tom Brady says “I firmly believe that sleep and recovery are critical aspects of an effective and holistic training program,”. Under Armour’s science-backed approach to sleep and recovery is strengthened by a collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine centred around tracking, understanding and analysing sleep patterns.

Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery Sleepwear is available now priced from $80 – $120 on and in select Under Armour Brand House stores.