There’s a range of great scenarios you can play out where a portable projector might come in handy. The problem is, most of them are rubbish, or simply underpowered. BenQ wants to change that with a little beast ready to do the work for you.

So you saw a projector for a few hundred dollars did you? Probably great at a few meters distance in a completely dark room. Or, perhaps it’s a bigger brand, and it has bold claims, it’s going to be good, but there will be limitations.

Enter BenQ – they’re known for their projectors, and their new GS1 will suit a range of scenarios for the portable user.

Mainly because it’s still a solid little unit, it’s able to pack a punch, and with a 3 hour battery unit available as part of the package it’s a true go-anywhere device.

You can use USB input, or share direct from an Android phone with a special app. Plus you can pair up Bluetooth speakers to get a great sound too.

And it’s ready to go in 3 seconds, no long warm up time.

Camping? Throw a 60 inch screen up onto the tent from just 1 meter away!

BenQ call it “Palm sized” but while it might be able to be held in one hand, its bigger than the palm, still smaller than most.

$999 ain’t cheap, but head to head it’s likely to outperform most of the portable projectors on the market.

Web: BenQ