Not enough space on your PC? Always looking for that extra little bit of storage for those videos or photos you’re hoarding? Western Digital have just dropped a staggering 12TB hard drive onto the market that will have you drooling.

Intended for enterprise level cloud storage applications that won’t stop the odd geek with a network storage system or mega tower PC from checking the bank statement for the funds for this baby.

Forget WD Red – this is WD Gold – 12TB capacity.

“As data growth continues unabated, retaining more of that data and generating meaningful insight from it becomes increasingly important,” said Brendan Collins, vice president, Devices business unit, Western Digital. “Businesses that most effectively extract value from operational data are able to make smarter decisions, improve business outcomes and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.”

It’s priced to suit too – $969 available by the end of the year, that price demonstrates the in-built durability, with a reliability rating of 2.5 million hours it’s among the highest WD have.

You want one.. don’t you?