With our days in Spring already underway, it’s time that we fire up the BBQ, bring friends around, throw some tunes on and enjoy a few drinks. For years the trip to the bottle shop includes beer and wine, we saw the cider trend enter in the last couple of years and even the addition of some bubbles. Cocktail making can be hard and while we love a Negroni, we’ve tasted a new arrival to the market that will make the pre-BBQ drinks a hit.

From Jacob’s Creek, the Prosecco Spritz is a new 750ml bottle that won’t cost the earth and will impress your guests. Made with crisp Prosecco, the refreshing sparkling wine product has an elegant flavour profile of zesty blood oranges, and carefully selected botanicals such as cinchona and liquorish root extract to deliver a delicious drink with bitter sweet citrus notes.

It’s a great beverage for those who perhaps generally avoid sparkling wine and don’t like the strength of a traditional aperitif. The flavours from the Prosecco Spritz is fruity without being too sweet, the alcohol content is only 8.5% and it’s insanely refreshing for those warmer days. One serving suggestion is over ice with a slice of grapefruit. We served a bottle at a recent BBQ and the ladies (and some of the guys) loved it. Priced at only $19.99 it’ll be a cheaper addition than a pack of cider or any Champagne.