Heading to a high class restaurant for a meal where the four courses have been decided for you can be extremely nerve wracking and perhaps hesitant. When that menu however is defined by Masterchef winner Adam Liaw you start to feel more relaxed.

The special deal through Groupon allows you and your wife to sit down in the beautiful Manta in Woolloomooloo for a four course meal with a glass of Chandon on arrival. Without knowing the food you’ll receive, the best part of the deal is the price, $130 for a couple. If you love a great feed and want to treat yourself then this deal is extremely impressive and worth buying as soon as possible. If you live in Queensland then Artichoke has a deal and for Perth, Mister Walker has a deal too, yes all crafted by Adam Liaw.


Now, spoilers ahead for the Manta sitting.




Ok, this makes sense if you’re buying the deal for a special occasion and you want to ensure the special partner will enjoy the food…



Last chance to look away.



Okay, these four courses were more than enough for a grown man to feel satisfied, so you won’t go hungry. If you book in early enough (and turn up a little before your time) then you’ll likely get a front row view of the marina, which is a stunning view in the spring sun. The Chandon on arrival is a lovely touch and is simply refreshing.

Snapper Ceviche

Snapper is an amazing fish, when you cook it ceviche style you don’t cook it with heat but rather with acid from lemon or lime over a period of time. This is a lovely example and is absolutely fresh and pairs really well with the Chandon actually.


Not many on the plate but that shouldn’t bother you, there are two more courses to go after all. The flavours here are lovely and you’re best to combine a little of everything in each mouthful. These were all cooked so perfectly that you spent longer than usual eating them, they deserved a gentle touch and a savoured moment. Immediately after this meal is finished, your Chandon likely is too, order another drink and ask the waiter/waitress for something that pairs well with the next dish (it is a secret remember!).


This was the real meat of the meal, a lovely piece of salmon with some vegetables and a delightful asian teriyaki style sauce. This is where you start to understand how stunning seafood can be and in how many ways it can be presented with different flavours. A real seafood appreciation moment considering the first two courses also.


The final course is the right size, the right flavours and the right way to end a meal. A lovely ball of ice-cream with some crumbing, strawberries and… fennel? Yep, it works and it’s lovely. At this point we ordered a coffee to wrap up our meal and we certainly were not left hungry.

Comment Card

Finally, a few thoughts from the meal overall; going in with no idea what we would be served was an uncomfortable yet exciting experience. The staff were equally excited to treat us and also somewhat nervous in the hope we would love what we were served. The service was attentive, welcoming and diligent. We were not treated any differently to other patrons because we came with a Groupon and the experience was as you’d expect on a normal day. It was actually also quite fun having the same meal as the people who dine with as it allows you to share thoughts on the meals but also eliminates the food envy issue if someone orders a better meal than you. Value for money was very good and the quality of the food was sensational. This is a great initiative from Groupon with a solid collaboration with a fantastic Chef in Adam Liaw.