The Netgear Arlo range of home security cameras completely changed the home camera market a few years ago when they launched, and as part of the continuing evolution of the product the Solar charger is now in Australia.

Stocks are arriving in stores over the next two weeks, with JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and The Good Guys all planning to range the Solar Panel alongside other Arlo accessories.

With multiple Arlo cameras at my home, this is a great new product.  The Solar Panel charges the Arlo Pro continuously so you never need to change the batteries or remove them for charging.

Setup is a breeze, with a wall mount included in the box – three screws into the mounting location, be that your fence or wall – and then the Solar Panel simply twists onto the mount.

A special cable connects the two – it’s MicroUSB to MicroUSB though the connections are specifically designed for a snug fit at both ends.

For those using a tripod screw mount for your Arlo Pro, you won’t be able to fit the included cable – the workaround here is to remove the screw nut on the thread of your mount and that will free up space for the cable.

Arlo has created a new mount for the Pro cameras to take this into account.

As soon as I connected it, the camera in question began showing in the app as receiving charge, so – the sun is shining and all is well with the world – unless the sun stops shining:)

For those with cameras in hard to reach places, this is a big win.  And for those who have the frustration of forgetting to charge batteries despite the reminders, this will be your saviour.

Look for Arlo Solar Panel from mid-October in major Arlo stockists around Australia.