If you are a rev head enjoying the BATHURST 1000 coverage on Fox Sports and Channel 10 you might have seen the vision coming from above pit lane running along pit straight. The camera is called CamCat.

Used extensively in Olympic Games coverage the 2017 BATHURST 1000 is its Australian debut.

The whole thing is anchored on two temporary towers, one at Murray’s corner near the Motorsport Museum, the other all the way down Pit straight on the outside of Hell Corner.

At speed when flying one end to the other it will hit speeds of 160km/h allowing it to follow the race action on track or slow to follow cars into the pits

The camera itself hangs below the CamCat unit allowing full rotation in 360 degrees to follow the action anywhere but above.

Four wheels are guided along two tense lines, while the unit is pulled along by a two wire pully system.

It’s outstanding and you’ll likely see it in use many more times in Australia.