As a kid I can clearly recall needing to have the radio on at night to get to sleep – music playing, something perhaps to take my mind off the worries of the world – or just to stop me complaining – who knows.  Anyway, fast forward 25+ years and my wife wouldn’t consider letting me have music playing, but does she need to know?

This week I was sent a new pillow.  A Dream-Pad pillow.  This fancy thing is going to be available on Princess Cruise liners on the “Pillow menu” in their Full Rooms and as part of a new “Princess Luxury Bed” coming to the entire fleet of cruise liners by 2019.

Strangely, the pillow has a 3.5mm headphone cable poking out of it.  Plug in your phone and you soon realise there’s a built in speaker!

Now, I for one want to use it for my music and podcasts.  The sound is dull, and very soft.  I couldn’t hear it from the other side of the bed at all.  You really need your head side down on the pillow to hear it.

But if you play music you’ll notice the bass is a bit strong, that’s because it’s actually designed to be used with the DreamPad app which has soothing sounds built in to play out through the pillow.

You can set a timer so the sounds only play for a set period, and you can even enable alarms within the app so you are woken gently by your pillow.

Listening to music on this Pillow is not a way to enjoy your music, it’s a way to have it “on in the background”.  You’ll hear it like the speaker is covered in blankets.  It’s not a clear sound, it’s a dull muffled sound – perfect for sleep time.

Princess Cruises are hoping this will play a big role in ensuring their passengers get a great nights sleep as part of an overall “sleep kit” they’ve developed.

But if you aren’t planning a cruise any time soon, you can order the Pillow online – there’s even a Bluetooth receiver available so you can run the pillow “wireless” 🙂

With the exchange rate and delivery a Pillow might set you back well over $250 – perhaps cheaper to lock in your next holiday on a Princess Cruises destination.