This product from VTech is sure to go straight to your kids Christmas list!

The Star Wars Stormtrooper camera watch is a great gift for all kids that love Star Wars. There are so many cool features like the camera, alarm, timer, stopwatch, games, pedometer, calculator, voice recorder and a calendar too.

There are multiple watch faces to choose from, just like the apple watch, plus if you want your kids to learn there analog time you can switch between digital and analog time! The calendar is not on the front picture but it’s a little app type thing and they have little photos up the top!

One of the main features of the camera is that you can add little things into the photo you’re taking like Stormtroopers, BB-8 and much more!

The games are not as complex as Minecraft or other mobile device games there is only three but one has A.R (Augmented Reality) in it while the rest are simple games like try and rotate different pictures into one picture.

On the alarm, stopwatch and timer are a Star Wars picture in the background so when the timer or alarm goes off you see that continue on moving.

The pedometer is very different as instead of it starting in the morning it begins when you want it to! Plus you set your goal instead the fitness thing doing it. It also tells you your top record, daily history and goal achievement.

The calculator is very interesting as the highest addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is 99 (+-,d,x) 99, it’s not the best (which is actually good) for a maths test as it won’t help you do 1037 x 5472!

So hopefully that has got you thinking about getting your kids one of these VTech Star Wars camera watch!

It’s available at JB Hi-Fi and Toys R Us for $89.95