Come December Westpac customers will have a whole new way to pay available to them.  Nope, it’s not Apple Pay, it’s a silicone wrist band complete with tap and pay attachment.

In fact, that little “keeper” can be attached to any existing watch or fitness band as it is the part which contains the microchip to actually make the payments. This appears to be almost identical to the Inamo product we tested in February and we loved it.

This means you can attach it to your fancy watch, Garmin or Fitbit fitness tracker or just use the included Silicone wrist strap.

Westpac Group Chief Executive, Consumer Bank, George Frazis knows Aussie’s want this kind of flexibility “Australia has the highest contactless penetration in the world, and cards continue to replace cash as
consumers demand convenience. We’re always looking for new ways to help make our customers’
lives easier, and with our new PayWear products, customers will be able to pay on-the-go, in one
hands-free step.

And to ensure it’s something for everyone, Westpac went for a custom design he says “When speaking with customers, personal style and choice were important. In fact, 70% agreed that they would only wear a wearable device if it suited their own personal style and lifestyle. This is why we will collaborate with iconic Australian designers to create a variety of wearable accessory designs to suit different tastes, preferences and styles,” Mr Frazis said.

So, the obvious question, if Westpac knows people want choice, they want personal style and lifestyle and they want flexible payment options – why are they still not offering Apple Pay to their customers?

Don’t expect an answer on that one folks.

If you’re a Westpac customer you can register now for interest in the PayWear device online.