Electric cars have been all the buzz of late as has the astounding amount of dare I say fake news. But putting that aside there are other emerging fuel sources being worked on, with significant research and money going into such projects. Hyundai has essentially hedged its bets on what will power vehicles into the future with both electrified and hydrogen powered cars on offer now or very soon.

Autocar which is a British motoring publication, one that’s been around since Jesus was a boy, has labelled the NEXO Fuel Cell vehicle as a ‘game changer’ at the annual Autocar awards.

The Editor of Autocar Mark Tisshaw, said: “Hyundai has become a world leader in advancing alternative fuel technologies, and developing them to production maturity before its rivals. Hot on the heels of its Kona Electric – arguably a game changer itself – Hyundai has quickly launched NEXO, a new, hydrogen-powered SUV you can buy right now. Actually, it’s the latest of several generations of hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai vehicles, launched while most car makers are still years behind.”

NEXO’s fuel cell electric powertrain works via an on board electric motor that produces 135kW. It draws power from a fuel cell stack that combines oxygen and hydrogen via the NEXO’s high-pressure tanks. 

Essentially you end up creating electricity for the motor and battery with the only emision being water vapour. The NEXO also has a handy range of 666km and can refill in just a few minutes. 

Managing Director of Hyundai in the UK Ashley Andrew, said: “Hyundai has been pioneering Fuel Cell technology for years, including the launch of the world’s first commercially available example, the ix35 Fuel Cell. What we’ve done with NEXO is develop that offering even further into a beautifully designed, enormously advanced and sustainable SUV that has already seen major interest from commercial customers throughout the UK.”

The NEXO Australian launch is due late this year. Oh and if you wondering where to fill up you might find this handy reading.