As someone who fly’s a lot, and always want’s a window – getting a seat in the centre of the plan is a real issue.  In Economy and even Business Class you can lean forward and try catch a glimpse across 6 other people.  Here’s the ultimate first world problem – you can’t do that if you’re in a “cabin”.

So on Emirates new Boeing 777 cabin there’s a problem.  Up the front in First Class they’ve designed a cabin with a floor to ceiling sliding door, complete privacy for the ultimate journey.

On the left and right side of the plane you’ve got a window or two to peek out of.  In the new 777 layout they’ve managed what’s called a 1:1:1 configuration, 1 seat on the window, 1 seat in the centre and 1 seat on the other side.

When you put a “cabin” in the middle of the plane, if there’s a window it’s going to look right at another cabin.

To solve that, Emirates have introduced “virtual windows”.  These windows take the outside view and project it in real time into the windows.

It doesn’t stop there, there’s also video calling functions so you can talk to the cabin crew or request “room service”.  And so you don’t need to be disturbed, the cabin has a service window where drinks and snacks can be served to you.

Oh, for those of you with a window, you get binoculars to take a look outside:)

Wondering how the other half live?  They also get a personal mini bar in First Class.

It’s a big day for Emirates, they also inked a deal to order $15 billion worth of Boeing 787’s.  40 of them.  Times must be tough.