With the NBN passing half of all Australian homes and competition about to hit its peak for your home internet business, Australia’s biggest telco is about to introduce Unlimited data plans.

In what is almost unprecedented for Telstra but yet another sign of their need to be ultra-competitive in this market Bigpond’s $100 and up NBN plans are set to go Unlimited allowing heavy users to end their data anxiety.

For users on lower cost plans Bigpond is set to double the data also.  All of this comes as 40,000 customers per week are requesting NBN connections and thus open to looking around for a new telco – so Telstra under the NBN is at risk of losing it’s market dominance as new and emerging Telcos pick up more and more business.

Offering Unlimited data for home broadband will be an immediate attraction to those in the market for home internet – especially those with families and multiple teenagers at home looking to stream and download content.

There is a risk though, with an unlimited amount of data flowing through their network, ISPs like Telstra are less able to predict the usage patterns of their customer base, and thus planning for the backhaul capacity (CVC) on the NBN becomes problematic and less accurate – possibly creating congestion and slower speeds at peak times.

Telstra Group Executive, Consumer and Small Business, Vicki Brady, said demand from data was growing at extraordinary rates “In the past year alone, traffic carried over our fixed network has increased by 40 per cent,” Ms Brady said.

“Streaming entertainment content has become a way of life for Australians, with around two thirds of us now streaming our favourite shows. We’re also using more connected devices in the home than ever before with the rise of smart home technologies.

“Not having a data limit will provide peace of mind as Australians’ data habits continue to grow. That’s why we have launched unlimited bundles for new and existing customers on our $99 and above plans.

“We’re also giving existing customers on plans under $99 a major data boost, automatically at least doubling their existing plan allowances,” Ms Brady said.

If you’re wondering who’s doing all the streaming, Telstra have named the top streaming towns in each state – seems rural and regional Australia love their online streaming!

  • VIC – Pakenham
  • SA – Mount Gambier
  • NSW – Dubbo
  • TAS – Devonport
  • QLD – Berrinba
  • NT – Gillen
  • WA – Baldivis
  • ACT – Nicholls