We could have given “Best Tech” to any one of 15 other EFTM Award winners this year, and then there’s the many things that haven’t been recognised here this week.  But what’s interesting is our decision to give it to bit of car tech over and above our “Best in-car Tech” award is bold, and may surprise some.

The surprise might be if we said we’re giving it to an in-car safety and assistance package that helps you keep lanes on the highway, advanced cruise control and more.  You’d think we’re talking about a Tesla – because they get all the publicity in this regard.

In fact, many companies, including Audi, Volvo and BMW are doing big things in this space too.

When Chris Bowen drove the BMW 740e the Assistance Plus package was a stand out.

We’re not talking self-driving cars here, we’re talking about the long freeway drive to work, we’re talking about the car seeing and detecting things before a human might notice them – things that will not only make driving easier, but keep us safer inside the car.

BMW have done this well, very well – its seamlessly integrated, its flawless and it creates a reassuring drive for the driver and passengers who might be completely unaware it exists let alone is in use.

It’s this integration and perfection that gives BMW the EFTM Best Tech award for 2017