Petrics have used CES Las Vegas to launch the Petrics Activity Tracker – a Fitbit for your dog.

Pet lovers use what Petrics describe as, “one of the smallest collar communication devices available” to track your pet’s movements and activity while you are at work. You can check your phone to see what Fluffy has been up to while you are away. You can even track the caloric burn rate of your pet!

It’s hard to argue with Petrics’ claims as the tracker certainly looks small enough to use on a kitten, while also being strong enough to pop on the most active dog. The tracker is also waterproof and has a four month plus battery life.

The tracker, when used with the Petrics app allows pet owners to match activity levels with your pet’s dinner. The app lists over 15000 foods and 17000 ingredients.

As if this isn’t enough for the obsessive compulsive pet owner, Petrics can also supply you with a Smart Bed. Looking like a regular high-end pet bed, the Petrics say Smart Pet Bed, “melds technology with a modern, high quality look and feel that fits perfectly in today’s tech-friendly homes”.

What this actually means is that you can heat or cool your pet’s bed with your phone while you are away from home. The temperature of the bed can be further adjusted based on breed, environment or weather. The built in scales also weigh your pet as they sleep. Together, the tracker, pet bed and app allow owners to adjust their pets diet to suit their activity levels.

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