The cricket season is well underway and there is plenty of hype surrounding the T20 Big Bash that is being played throughout the school holidays. While there are plenty of kids out in the backyard practising their reverse sweeps and ramp shots, there is still a need to practice the traditional straight bat shots as well.

TECHSHOT, a little Aussie company has developed a product that players young and old can use to improve their shot timing. It’s all about teaching the player to strike the ball later by encouraging a strong elbow position.

The TECHSHOT is custom fitted to each player to ensure a proper fit. My 9 year old son agreed to give it a go and by measuring his height, I selected the best fitting band. Out of the box, it’s well designed and of good quality. It was easy to fit to my son’s left arm and he found it comfortable.

We spent a bit of time in the nets with a few throw downs and he found that it really encouraged the use of a high elbow and a straight bat. This is perfect for young cricketers starting our that just need that reminder to play with a straight bat.

The TECHSHOT gives instant feedback to the batter by providing resistance and encouraging the batter to play the shot later. The result, less balls in the air and discovering the power from a straight bat. With constant use, muscle memory will take over and the benefits of using TECHSHOT will be revealed.

All in all, a cracking little product to keep in the kit for young and old cricketers alike. TECHSHOT can be purchased through the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre for $95.