Holden badge stays with the cops

Holden fans are currently spending their days in a state of flux. The homegrown Commodore is gone and the new one is yet to ignite any hint of enthusiasm. The demise of the rear-wheel-drive V8 SS and base models also brings about another disappearing act. The boys in blue no longer have a locally made highway patrol car or even basic squad car. In their place will be Toyota Camry’s, BMW 530d’s, Chrysler 300 SRT’s and others. But in somewhat good news the Holden badge will remain on the humble ‘divvy van’.

Holden has partnered with Victorian Police to supply 290 new paddy wagons over the next two years. Based on the 4×2 Colorado the vehicles will be a customised design that includes extra ground clearance and no doubt better visibility. The two-door divisional vans include the added safety of six-airbags and newly designed rear pod or ‘varley pod’.

If you do find yourself in the back of a divvy van the police up front can monitor what’s going on via a camera that allows for 360-degree coverage. Air conditioning will make the ride of shame a little less uncomfortable. Regional areas around Victoria will score a slice of 40 custom 4×4, four-door divisional vans loaded with bull-bars and winches.

Michael Filazzola, Executive Director of Sales, said, “Holden’s Australian engineers have worked collaboratively with Victoria Police to create a vehicle that is not only designed specifically for Australian conditions but is the safest vehicle possible to protect their frontline members.

“The Holden Colorado offers Victoria Police the leading safety and performance attributes needed for modern policing.”

The Colorado divvy vans come with a five-star ANCAP rating, with safety features including airbags, stability control and ABS brakes. This is a good thing, because there was a time when Ford Ranger based wagons at a propensity to rollover during sharp turns.

“This announcement continues Holden’s long association with Victoria Police, which began over 70 years ago, and we are honoured to be able to continue this partnership,” said Mr. Filazzola.

“We’re excited to see the new ‘divvy vans’ out on the road and we’re sure Victorian police officers will enjoy driving them.”

Expect to see the new divvy vans around Victoria from this month with more including the 4-door variants to arrive mid-year.

Chris is EFTM’s Motoring Editor, driving everything from your entry level hatch to the latest Luxury cars through to the Rolls Royce.

He has been in the media for 20 years, produced three Olympic games broadcasts, attending Beijing 2008 & London 2012.

Strangely he owns a Toyota Camry Hybrid, he defiantly rejects the knockers.

Chris is married to Gillian and resides in Sydney’s North West. They have Sam the English Springer Spaniel and Felix the Burmese cat to keep them company, and recently welcomed baby Henry to the family.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael

    February 3, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    If Victoria is anything like NSW in the way they choose their vehicles, it was based on value for money (price) instead of performance and especially local jobs. Case in point – NSW no longer manufacturers trains or busses. They are now fully imported.
    It would have been nice to know if the canopy on the back of these ‘divvy vans’ were at least made in Australia.

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