A New Fitbit for the Parents and the Kids

The pioneers of wearable fitness trackers are back at it again, this time with a new model for the adults and the children. The Fitbit Versa is more of a smartwatch suited for a lot more than just tracking your steps while the Ace, for children, is very simple and focused on tracking things like movement and sleep.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit have informed us that this is their lightest smartwatch offering ever, not that the others were exactly a burden to wear! This model smartwatch/fitness tracker has a new way of viewing your dashboard to simplify the ways you view and access your health and fitness data. The Versa has 24 hour heart-rate monitoring, a colour screen for following workouts on your wrist, automatic sleep tracking and more. The watch has integration with iOS but deeper integration on Android devices including quick replies to messages. The Versa uses the ever growing Fitbit app store, has wallet-free payments and you also have the ability to store music (over 300 songs) on the device itself.

From a tracking perspective, you’ll be able to use the onboard GPS to log where you exercise (phone free), you’ll be able to take it swimming to track laps and times and for the females there is a feature coming to the app for tracking female health such as periods, ovulation, symptoms and view trends.

The Versa won’t need to look for a recharge for four days. The Versa is also being made available with plenty of different bands and styles to suit the office, gym, cafe, restaurant, any occasion.

Fitbit Versa is available for presale today on at $299.95, with retail availability in April 2018.

Fitbit Ace

Competitors of Fitbit have arrived at the kids market earlier however now the party has really started. The Ace is designed simply and looks to be an activity tracker that makes fitness fun for kids. It won’t take long before brothers and sisters are comparing total steps each day or even competing on who slept-in the longest.

The concept here is that if mum and dad have a Fitbit then it opens conversations with their children about healthy habits and the benefits of being active. The Ace is designed for kids eight and up, it has five days battery life and has a wristband that they can grow with and be worn in the shower.

The data from the Ace is viewable for parents on their smartphone and kids also have their own view in their app. Kids will love seeing their rewards and badges for achieving new goals. The Ace will be available in a purple and blue.

Fitbit Ace is available for presale today on for $129.95, with global retail availability in Q2 2018.

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