There’s no way Huawei could have known they were launching their flagship phone for 2018 on the same day Apple was holding an event in Chicago given the company put months of planning into the Paris event

But that’s how it fell for them, announcing the new Huawei P20 as an iPhone killer.

As if to target Apple directly Huawei’s P20 features two notable features aimed directly at those looking for a visual and technical comparison to Apples top of the line iPhone X

The Notch and rear cameras.

Around the front Huawei have used an edge to edge style screen with a Notch in the top of the screen not dissimilar to the iPhone X

Huawei’s is smaller though, meaning more screen and “more notifications”.

Staying on the front side the P20 doesn’t have a screen that goes right to the bottom – instead Huawei have maintained the front placement of their fingerprint sensor. This despite having past experience with rear mounted fingerprint sensors.

Around the back and the P20’s camera array follows similar lines to Apples – with a vertically mounted camera combo. The big difference being the presence of not one, not two, but three camera lenses.

Huawei have maintained the dual lens Leica cameras featuring a single monochrome and a second colour sense but this time with the addition of a telephoto lens for those zoom and portrait shots

The triple Leica lens features on the P20 Pro, while the standard P20 retains the dual lens approach of previous years.

We’ll have to wait and see which models and colours come to Australia, but given the success of the Mate 10 and it’s Pro sibling; one can assume we will get both.

Taking it to Samsung in the same breath Huawei have also included a 960 FPS super slow motion mode in the camera

Huawei continue their Artificial Intelligence push with AI used for image stabilisation as well as scene recognition in the camera – “Master AI the HUAWEI P20 Pro is able to identify, in real-time, 19 different categories. Professional photography skills like lighting and other settings are then automatically adjusted by AI so your photo is the absolute best it can be”

We will update with Australian pricing and availability when available.