With the beautiful Melbourne Grand Prix in the background, Eugene Kaspersky announced a partnership with Crime Stoppers in the battle against cyber criminals. With 323,000 malicious files being detected per day by Kaspersky Lab, there is no argument that staying safe online is not a one man job. The team from Kaspersky Lab based around the globe are one of the first teams to detect malware and cyber crime occuring. With this in mind, it made sense to use their intel to help Crime Stoppers wherever they can.

Peter Price (Crime Stoppers), Eugene Kaspersky (Kaspersky Lab), Stephan Neumeier (Kaspersky Lab)

Peter Price, Director of Crime Stoppers, joined Eugene in the announcement to provide input into how the partnership will work. The goals for Crime Stoppers include raising awareness and education around cyber security so that Australians are better informed and prepared to stay safe online. Peter attributed the use of the internet today is like driving unlicensed. We have to go through education and training before operating a vehicle however we are able to jump online and do whatever we want without a thought given to safety.

Eugene Kaspersky made comments around the partnership being formed because today cyber criminals have it too easy. This alliance would be a collaboration whereby Interpol, Kaspersky and now Crime Stoppers would work closely to ensure information is shared to combat hackers, malware and the most basic of things including education. For example, from the Crime Stoppers website you could learn about the latest threats but also find helpful links to download security fixes or software from Kaspersky to keep you safe online.

Giarncarlo Fisichella behind the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GT3 car

The Australian Bureau of statistics in 2017 revealed, 17 million Australians were active on Facebook, 3 million on twitter, 5 million on Instagram, 4 million signed up on to LinkedIn and Snapchat, and a total of 15 million unique visitors on YouTube. Getting to them across all of these mediums will be important and this will no longer be a challenge for Crime Stoppers to face alone. From a Kaspersky point of view this is not a commercial partnership, this is an alliance and one that will certainly speak volumes about the brand.


Geoff travelled to Melbourne for the Grand Prix as a guest of Kaspersky, click here for all our travel and commercial disclosures