Since Google used DxOMark to claim the title of best smartphone camera on the original Google Pixel the scores from their comprehensive tests have led to great anticipation post the release of any new flagship phone.

This week, Samsung got in fast, they clearly shipped an early device to DxOMark hoping to score top marks from “the camera re imagined” – and they did.

Six months ago Samsung launched the Note 8 – an impressive camera for sure – it scored 94 on DxOMark’s scale.

Huawei’s Mate 10 and the Apple iPhone X scored 97, while Google’s second generation pixel took top spot with a score of 98.

Samsung’s latest the Galaxy S9+ pipped them all – with a score of 99.

The scoring system is complex, the overall score is a combination of still and video capabilities – on Video it came in just ahead of the iPhone X but behind the Pixel, while on still images the Galaxy S9+ is a clear winner.

“Best camera” on a device which has such a primary use as a camera is a big deal.

Expect the same to be said in many reviews globally when they start to come out prior to the launch on March 16.