Complete with a range of headsets and a set of speakers for your PC, JBL are going all in on the gaming market, providing for nerds the world over! The range is built using JBL’s QuantumSOUND Signature tech and spans the market from more budget devices for the casual gamer, all the way up to some wonderfully high-end devices for the dedicated geek.

The best news? The whole suite of JBL Quantum devices will have multi-platform capabilities. That’s to say they’ll connect to your PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, VR, MOBILE, ANYWHERE! I got a little carried away there… Complete compatibility is rather rare in the headset space, it’s great to see JBL launching right off the mark with a step in the right direction.

Quantum starts at the bottom end with the JBL Quantum 100 and works it’s way up through to 200, 300, 400 before jumping through to the Quantum 600, 800 and finally the Quantum ONE. Each step along the way brings some groovy new functionality – whether that be surround sound technologies, different connectivity options or else additional controls. Standby for a breakdown of full specs and Australian availability in the near future.

Each headset in the range will be equipped with a flip-up or otherwise detachable microphone and at the very least each device is equipped with a 3.5mm jack, so you can be assured of compatibility.

Alongside the headset releases, they’ve also announced the JBL Quantum Duo Speaker – utilizing the same QuantumSOUND technology as headset line, the Quantum Duo is aiming to provide a booming sound for a very immersive gaming experience.

Naturally as a gaming speaker, the Quantum Duo is equipped with a whole lot of custom lighting, as well as exposed drivers and tweeters to fit the gaming aesthetic.

Rest assured there will be a review of the very promising JBL Quantum Range in the near future, right here at