Tesla Recalls 123,000 cars

Tesla Model S sedans built prior to April 2016 are being recalled after the company emailed its customers. 123,000 cars across the globe have an issue with their power steering that needs rectifying, although the recall is said to be “voluntary”.

The problem is caused by corrosion with the power steering bolts, that could lead to a failure. Like most power steering systems, should it fail, the driver would still have control albeit with much more effort required to control the car.

“This primarily makes the car harder to drive at low speeds and for parallel parking, but does not materially affect control at high speed, where only small steering wheel force is needed,” the email said.

“There have been no injuries or accidents due to this component, despite accumulating more than a billion miles of driving,” said the company.

The issue is said to affect only cars driven in cold climates, where salting of road surfaces takes place. Or as Tesla states 0.02 percent of vehicles in the US.

It’s been a bad week for the electric vehicle company lead by Elon Musk with a fatal Model X crash and subsequent fire on a Californian highway, sending stocks tumbling.

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