For someone who works a typical 9-5 and is perhaps slumped behind their desk for most of that time, it can be easy to crave a piece of banana bread for morning tea or something from the vending machine for that 3pm hit. It doesn’t matter how healthy your other planned meals in the day are, those snacks can be the thing that ruins your beach bod once Summer rolls back in.

We’ve seen these in the stores and never taken a bite, now we’ve eaten a bunch. These are small nutritious balls from a company called Bounce. Started by a health focused couple, this company has now grown to be an international brand providing multiple product varieties and a long list of flavours. The three bounce balls that we tasted were; Almond, Coconut Macadamia and Cacao Mint. We started to use them as a mid-morning snack or for afternoon tea as a way of satisfying that craving. They’re relatively small yet very dense, this means that whatever is in them is certainly making us feel fuller than expected. Furthermore, when we look at the nutritional details of them, we are seeing high levels of protein and low amounts of sugar, all important. But what is the best bit? They taste good and you’ll feel naughty finishing the Cacao Mint, it’s like a lovely dessert.

We also spoke to Susie Burrell, Nutritionist at Bounce Foods, about these great balls of desire.

How do Bounce balls fit into your life?

Bounce Balls are the perfect quick protein rich snack for me. Especially when I am on the go and find myself in the car or at the park with the twins, absolutely starving and I know I have a nutritious protein rich snack food option – to stop me grabbing a muffin or banana bread from the cafe!

The Bounce range also plays a big role in my work with clients when I am looking for higher protein vegetarian, gluten free or vegan snack food options for my wide range of clients.

Is it a once a day snack, or the perfect morning tea or afternoon snack?

Nutritionally Bounce is very strong – calorie controlled, high in protein, a source of fibre so they can fit into a daily meal plan and with so many varieties it helps prevent people from getting bored. The snack sized Bounce Bites also help for those wanting portion control.

What are the benefits you find in Bounce balls vs. other similar products?

Definitely the clean nutritional profile where you recognise all the ingredients and the fact that you can get up to 12g of protein in a 180-200 calorie snack ball!

Why have you chosen to represent Bounce Foods?

I only ever work with brands when they are products that I actually recommend and use with my family and my clients. I have recommended Bounce for many years now. Even my 2 year old twins have been known to sneak into my office and grab a Bounce for themselves!

If we were to rank these little snacks from the flavours we tried it would be to keep the coconut or almond for the morning and that mint for afternoon tea. They taste so good you’ll be glad you didn’t buy the banana bread.

Bounce’s range of balls are available now at Woolworths, Coles, and major petrol stations from RRP $3.29 per ball.