While Aussie Broadband has been making headlines for being open, transparent and a solid no b-s player in the NBN space, they’ve had one problem; on NBN plan comparison site’s they just don’t show up

The reason is they don’t offer unlimited data plans because their boss Phil Britt was concerned that the unpredictability of usage meant planning for capacity was difficult to manage.

Today the company announced Unlimited Plans with a “hope the world won’t end”.

Managing Director Phil Britt announced the backflip today “Since we entered the nbn market, we have taken a strong stance on congestion and unlimited plans,” he said. “Typically, unlimited offerings in the market have been linked to congested services in peak times. This was because providers were not provisioning enough bandwidth, so they could maintain a profit margin.

“Nbn’s Focus on 50 program – which offered telcos 50% more CVC for no additional cost – has seen the Big 4’s peak hour congestion reduce. To us, this just confirms that the congestion due to unlimited plans is being solved by more CVC bandwidth being provided. Who would have thought?”

And with that, new plans are announced “After taking a good hard look at this new landscape, we’ve decided to release two new premium unlimited plans into the market: 50/20 speed for $79 and 100/40 for $99,” said Phil.

“We’ve built margin into these services to be able to increase average CVC well above the nbn bundled inclusion (at 2 Mbits for 50/20 and 2.5 Mbits for 100/40). Our commitment is to deliver the best unlimited offer in the market, all Australian support and the highest average peak time speeds.”

Describing the plan change as the “biggest I can remember” Phil also says they won’t take their eye off the ball “We’ll continue to watch our network performance like a seagull with its eyes on a chip.”

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